It’s True! Seo is cheaper, but PPC ads get more clicks when people are looking to
make a purchase decision.

Would you like to look pretty for window shoppers or get paid from qualified buyers?

The obvious choice for “real” business is___________

If you’ve answered that question correctly and you’re still readying, great.

Here’s the scope.

1. 64% of all clicks are now going to paid ads.


Check out the full details from this article at Wordstream

2.  Warning! You can no longer get “1st Place listing” on the first page of Google search engine without Adwords!  Have you noticed you can no longer be listed number 1 in Google with out paid ads.  Wait!  It get’s more interesting.

3.  Do you know what Google Graph is?
Well it allows Google to create those information boxes that give all the
information matching a “search query” (my new definition for a keyword
phrase base on Google’s new search algorithms, overhaul, that has
“keyword only”  focused sites, in panic).

Still don’t Know? Google Graph is a repository of all information
Google has acquired over the last 15 years in their database of information.
This is similar to wiki, but more far reaching, than just information. (We’ll talk
about that in another post).

These info boxes are presented as nicely placed boxes to the right top and above
all listings that have value in Google search.  (word has it all search engines will
soon follow suit).

So if you’re in business to make a profit and don’t mind that all the window shoppers go visit the hobbyist, then you’re in luck.  If you have a local business you’re super lucky.  And  if you in the wellness industry, I’d say you just hit the jackpot.

Paid traffic is the means to target your traffic down to a 1 mile radius, then tweak it, re-market it and optimize it to take immediate action right on the spot.

Now both SEO and paid traffic take time to optimize, but paid traffic can start
delivering traffic within hours.  There’s also a bigger advantage as well..

Just think about it.  If you pay $100 and your product or service cost
$25 dollars.  For your $100 dollars investment, you get 8 buyers, then you’ve just
made 100% profit.  Money loves speed.  Now you can get those 8 buyers
with both SEO or paid traffic.  However, as mentioned above you
could see this in hours or days with paid traffic.  With SEO, if your lucky
you might see it in 30 days, or more, if your lucky for the same outlay of cash.

I don’t know about you, but I like my money now, not warm over a few time,

So what will you do?

I got an idea.  For $100 bucks you can test drive Google Adwords and see if
it’s right for you and you’ll know for sure, any where from a few days to a
week if it’s right for you, click here.  If you already have an account you can click here and get a “no obligation audit” to see what else is possible with your account
and, in no time,  have it pumping out clicks like a torrential rainstorm on a never ending, “hot dog” conveyor belt. Get the picture?

Either way, the cost is on us. We’ll explain it all when you click either one
of those links in the paragraph, above.

What are you waiting for?

That’s it for now.

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